Version 2.1

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Version 2.0

  • Unified user module supporting different authentification methods
  • Added spatialBone
  • Added randomSliceBone
  • Added credentialBone
  • Support for various security related http-headers
Important changes:
  • Renamed “id” to “key” to prevent shadowing of id()
  • Renamed “jinja2” to “html”
  • Completely revised skeleton/bone API (with huge performance optimization)
  • Removed unused and unmaintained default modules (forum, geo)
  • Removed unused and unmaintained renders (pdf, rss)
  • extendedRelationalBone merged into relationalBone
  • Sortable entries for multiple relationalBone entries
  • relationalBone now holds a ref/rel-Skel structure in it’s value instead of raw db values

Version 1.1

  • Added extendedRelationalBone
  • Added cc, bcc and replyTo to sendMail()
  • Added support for translatable string/textBones
Important fixes:
  • fileBone not adding a lock if multiple=True
  • relationalBone removed sort-orders from query
  • numericBone did not enforce min/max if precision is set
  • processing of requests that arrived unencrypted despite forceSSL being set

Version 1.0

Initial public release